1. jugglekingstone:

    people who call skinny girls ‘disgusting’ thinking thats a good way to show they support larger bodies


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Temples by sidestagecollective on Flickr.
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  4. francisfrafee:


    Hazel said that July 14th is twelve days after Augustus’ death

    ok so it’s July 2nd


    why would you hurt me in this way

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  5. 5-golden-ringos:

    Filming the promotional video for “Rain”; Chiswick House, May 1966

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  6. goldengauntlets:

    I waited for SSB4 Sheik announcement, I’ll wait for Hyrule Warriors Sheik announcement 

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  7. alex turner in the snap out of it video
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  8. I’ll be here,waiting ever so patiently for you to.. (x)
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More Facts on Psychofacts :)
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